Brabus single-handedly solved the electric car issue with the Ultimate-E Smart

Well, when I say they've solved it...

38w ago

We have to give Brabus credit for keeping in tune with the times. As the rest the world is moving on to electric cars, the German tuner decided to use the opportunity to unveil their own take on an electric performance car and this is what they came up with: a cheeky Smart.

They called it the Ultimate-E and it is a high-performance, all-electric version of the Smart EQ SmartTwo Cabrio. The Smart brand was essentially given a PR makeover and Daimler, the company that owns both Mercedes-Benz and Smart, is going to electrify Smart cars anyway so what Brabus did is actually on point. They fitted a three-phase synchronous motor, which means performance results never fade, a reprogrammed torque control system and four driving modes, ranging from Eco to Sport.

The electric powertrain produces 92 hp and 133 lb-ft of torque. The top speed is 81 mph, then again this is just a city car, and 0-60 is dealt with in 10.9 seconds. The range is 78 miles on a charge. Not stellar, but then again this is supposed to be a city dweller so it gets a pass.

Cosmetically, it looks like any other Smart car except for the Widestar wide body kit, the 18-inch forged wheels, the new front fascia with the larger air intake, the much bigger fender flares and the new spoiler, panels and rear diffuser. Well yes, all right, it doesn't look like a regular Smart car but that's part of the charm, I guess.

The interior is equally Brabus-esque with black Brabus Mastik leather upholstery (also available in white and red) with red or white double stitching, Brabus logos everywhere, aluminium pedals and an upgraded infotainment system. We're all familiar with the company, we know what they do and how they do it, so I'm sure you could spec this with any colour/material you like upon request.

Interested buyers will need to contact Brabus directly to receive pricing details but I'm assuming it's going to be quite a lot more than a standard Smart FourTwo.

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Comments (32)

  • Looks like something I'd pick out of the grill of my Dodge truck.

      8 months ago
  • Pathetic. Lower top speed and slower acceleration than a B Class electric, or my T6 Transporter. And what are the air intakes for??

      8 months ago
    • they're pointless. But that's Brabus, that's what they do. And I guess that's why so many people love them or so many people don't

        8 months ago
    • For intaking air or something ...

        8 months ago
  • Maybe if it was free I’d consider it

      8 months ago
  • That is hideous

      8 months ago
  • Surely it would be faster and go further if it didn't have stupid huge 4 tonne alloy wheels dragging it down?

      8 months ago