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Brabus tuned Mercedes E63 S produces 800 horsepower

Made for a man who didn't think 604bhp was enough, this particular E63 produces 800 horsepower! Here's all the details...

2y ago

It’s not very often you’ll discover someone who finds 604bhp and 627lb-ft of torque unable to quench their thirst for power - but the gentleman who owns this particular Mercedes-AMG E63 S is such a person.

The solution to such a wonderful problem is really rather simple: you take your Mercedes-AMG, and deliver it directly to the people who’ve made it their business to make monsters out of them for over 40 years: Brabus.

What Brabus did was take the 4L Twin-Turbo V8 and inject into it the fury they’re synonymous with. Replacing the turbochargers nestled in the V of the V8 with larger ones, along with a whole host of other performance enhancing upgrades, this E63 now sends 789bhp and 737lb-ft of torque charging at its clever 4WD system.

While the ability to send power to the rear wheels alone has been retained, I imagine it would only be utilised by the least cautious people around - and Chris Harris. With that said however, it’s only with drive being sent to all 4 wheels that the 0-60mph time of 2.9 seconds can be achieved.

To distinguish this car from “regular” E63 models, a matt green wrap was added, along with drug-dealer Brabus wheels, accompanied by a stripe to match the gold brake callipers. There’s also a sports exhaust system for outrageous V8 pops and bangs, and a carbon diffuser and front splitter.

While the price of all these changes hasn’t been made public, we can presume they were incredibly costly. Brabus has a history of charging astronomical prices for their cars, so I can’t help but wonder just how much these particular modifications cost.

But what do you guys think about this Brabus? Is this something you’d want doing to your E63 if you had one? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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