Brake failure at 155mph causes huge crash at SUPERCARS race series

2y ago


Nick Percat and Lee Holdsworth were involved in a frightening high-speed crash during the first race of the Australian Supercars series.

Percat suffered from brake failure on the first corner at the Albert Park Circuit. He veered off track in an attempt to stop his car but it ended in a huge shunt involving Lee Holdsworth, sending his own car into the crash barriers. Both cars suffered heavy rear-end damage as a result of the smash.

Percat emerged from his Holden visibly shaken and looked to have the wind knocked out of him but other than the damage to the two cars, both drivers managed to walk away with no major injuries.

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  • That's every turn in Forza Motorsport

    2 years ago
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  • I do miss the AU V8s great series Drive Tribe should look to show some race highlights to show it round the world like they did with Goodwood.

    2 years ago
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Never mind Ford vs Ferrari, what abou​t Saleen vs Ferrari?
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