Brake tests, J-Turns and some other stuff with a VW Polo

The second part of my previous video (Was the population actually staying at home before the state of emergency) it´s here! And it has everything... brake tests, j-turns even a super exciting overtake. At this video I still want to find out if people was actually staying at homme before the lock down, BUT, after the government recommend us to stay at homme. To do this, I drove through Colmenar Viejo. Homme of my High School (one of them) and recently named in the world famous Netflix series "LA CASA DE PAPEL". Actually the best thing we (Spanish people) have done since 1492, when we discovered America. I also drove pretty close to the jail where the police had Lisbon (one of the characters of the series) prisoner. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do the same route Lisbon did in the series, from the Soto del Real prison, to the car park. And I will do a video about it once this is all over.

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