Brand new McLaren Senna written-off in Essex

Someone has crashed a £750K car on a 40 mph road in Essex

2y ago

A box-fresh McLaren Senna has been involved in a three-car smash up on the A127 in Southend, Essex. Footage has emerged from Trade Price Cars showing a badly bruised Senna on the pavement with its own broken bodywork scattered across the road. Also seen near to the £750,000 hypercar is a car that's rolled onto its side and another vehicle with a badly damaged rear end.

Essex Police and the East of England Ambulance Service attended the scene and no one is believed to be seriously injured.

The A127 is a dual-carriageway that's restricted to 40 MPH in the particular area where the incident occurred.

Who do you think was to blame? Let me know in the comments

Video courtesy of Trade Price Cars:

Gallery images courtesy of The Sun:

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Comments (34)

  • Who let Hammond drive? ?

      2 years ago
  • Definitely the cyclist

      2 years ago
  • At least it looks better than before...

      2 years ago
  • was he caught up in his love for F1 and tried to make his Senna an open wheel car?

      2 years ago
  • I feel sorry for the owner, though I commend his efforts to improve the looks of his car.

      2 years ago