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B​rand Purity.

R​olls Royce is a masterclass in branding.

38w ago

W​hen you think Ferrari, you think passion and sport. When you think Fiat, you think of small italian city car. When you think of Mercedes, you think of ... well, everything?

T​his is the difference between Mercedes and the overlords of luxury, Rolls Royce. Rolls have, for over 100 years, been the last word in luxury, the pioneers of supreme comfort and the ambassadors of class and refinement. This is what makes them special.

T​here has never been a Rolls Royce sports car. Some would, at this moment, point to the Wraith Black Badge as a sports car offering. While that was an immensely powerful and capable car, like all Rolls Royces, it was a luxury car first and foremost, with a bit of extra power tacked on. It was not a sports car.

However, it is interesting that this is as close as they've ever come. Even when building their 'sportiest' model, they still produced something that provided the effortless luxury for which Rolls Royce is renowned. They never stray from their brands core identity and message.

Even when building their Cullinan SUV, they insisted that was was a high-sided vehicle, and not sporty.

W​hy is all this important?

For more than 100 years, Rolls Royce has had a very strict and true image. They have never deviated. When you want a car that is comfy, but also a bit sporty, you can look at Mercedes, Bentley, BMW, Volvo (yes), Jaguar, Audi and many others. But, if you want the most comfortable car, the most luxurious, the most meticulously crafted, elegantly design ... you have one option. Rolls Royce.

T​hat is the way it has been for years. Some automakers scramble to enter niche markets or expand their product lineup. Some constantly churn out sportier versions or bring out a new car just to try and grab your attention.

Rolls Royce, though, will be there to offer you pure, focused luxury, in the best cars ever made.

D​o you know of any other companies that are so successful because of their focus?

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