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Brazilian GP: Rate the Race

44w ago


Two days on and we are still talking about it. Ok we may be talking about it for the off track antics but, had that not happened, I recon there would still be a good murmur of race chat going on.

Lewis brought it home in first place, proving that he doesn’t always slack off when the championship’s in the bag. You have to admit, it was perhaps not all his own doing but regardless, he was there to take it when it became available, which didn’t always look like it would be the case. Finishing four places ahead of his teammate and managing his tyres in a way Bottas simply couldn’t, kudos to him.

'Still I rise' Lewis Hamilton scoops the win [Image: Motorsport]

It was not Max’s day, was it? He dominated from the off and I don’t think anyone doubted that he would take the win. That is until Ocon though Turn 1 was a sensible place to try and un-lap himself. Given he had the right to un-lap himself, was that the place to do it? Could Max have left more room, knowing that Ocon was putting the moves on him and it would cost him nothing? Regardless of fault, there is no doubting it cost him his sixth victory.

Post race goings on aside, it was quite the show from Red Bull Racing’s front man for the foreseeable and only Hamilton has scored more points than him in the latter part of the season.

What could have been for Max Verstappen? [Image: Motorsport]

Consistent Kimi took the third step of the podium in his penultimate race for the Scuderia, not bad when you consider how much Ferrari struggled in the opening stages. Similarly to the eventual victor, he comprehensively beat his team mate and you have to wonder what might have been had his consistency this year been a little step up. That’s not to say he wasn’t challenged from behind with Daniel Ricciardo keeping him honest for the last few laps of the race.

Keeping it cool in the twilight of his Ferrari days [Image: Motorsport]

Away from the front of the field, there was plenty of action to be seen with stand out results for the likes of Hartley and Vandoorne, you can’t fail to have been entertained! Or could you?

Final classification [Image: @F1


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