Breaking: 2021 and 2022 Mercedes-AMG F1 Cars Confirmed Coming To iRacing

No other news will matter in simracing this week, I reckon

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This is huge: iRacing just confirmed in a blog post that both the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 and the team's eventual 2022 competitor will be coming to the simulator in upcoming builds soon.

It's a rather significant acquisition for this game that was almost spoiled by a leak of the W12's listing a month ago during an official event, but with this PR blurb, they've all but confirmed it.As this is a developing story, I shall update this post with more information.

What's more is that iRacing developers have been closely cooperating with Mercedes F1 since the start of this year, rejiggering the game's open-wheel driving model to accommodate a machine of this calibre. “The intent," says James Vowles, Mercedes strategy director (the "Valtteri, it's James" bloke), "was to create as accurate a representation of W12 as possible from a performance and driving perspective." And given how deeply iRacing scans the cars on its roster, it's not hard to believe that Mercedes will turn to this game to best demonstrate their F1 racers virtually.

That's why iRacing executive vice president Steve Myers is excited to do this. Having both the current-season and future F1 cars in this sim "further establishes our commitment to providing our nearly 200,000 devoted iRacers the world’s most authentic sim-racing experience,” said Myers, and given how many have been wanting to go further beyond what Codemasters have been giving with their F1 games, I'm sure this announcement will make both hardcore and casual racers happy.

Oh yeah, and iRacing is also getting the 2022 car, as well, which made for an even bigger shock both in the forums as well as on Reddit and Twitter. It's just stunning if you think about it, given how the development pipeline works for games like this, especially one that takes pride in its accuracy. To have a future F1 car and representation for two regs is something that I don't think any other sim of its kind can top.

Not that racing the new hybrid-era cars in a full-on sim was impossible: Race Sim Studio has been at the forefront of replicating these cars on Assetto Corsa, a more widely-played sim, and is considered to be leagues ahead of Codies' implementation. It'll be interesting to see where iRacing will differ in its approach, where the similarities will lie, and if it's worth the high upfront cost vs what RSS is pricing their models.

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