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Breaking: Ferrari will launch its first EV by 2025

Ferrari are adamant on making a fully-electric car which will excite its fans

8w ago

Italian supercar brand Ferrari has announced it will join the EV revolution and release its first fully-electric car by 2025.

The company's chairman Elkann spoke at Ferrari's annual general meeting and officially announced the plans to unveil the model in 2025. He said: “You can be sure this will be everything you dream the engineers and designers at Maranello can imagine for such a landmark in our history.”

At this stage, there isn't much we know about Ferrari's upcoming EVs, but leaked patents which emerged last year showed plans for a four-wheel-drive, two-seater which would be powered by an electric motor connected to each wheel.

The year 2025 may seem a little late compared to Ferrari's competitors such as Rimac, Porsche, and Mercedes, but speaking to Autocar last year, Ferrari commercial boss Enrico Galliera said the brand would not launch a BEV until electric technology allowed the firm "to produce a car that fits with our position".

“If we bring in new technology, then we need to bring something new to the market. That’s how Ferrari has always worked with new technology. The evolution of new technology is 100% in the DNA of Ferrari," he added.

This makes perfect sense as we all know Ferrari is all about protecting its public image and wants the best posible product for its customer and fan base.

Ferrari is already tinkering and playing around with hybrid powertrains as we have seen from the widely-successful SF90 Stradale which kicked off the brand's venture into battery technology. The brand is also hoping to release its first ever SUV next year named the Purosangue which Ferrari claims is "turning out to be something truly special."

It's an exciting time for all car fans and Ferrari nuts, and the thought of a fully-electric Ferrari may seem scary to most purists, but it is the way the industry is going and by Ferrari waiting a few years, we should see a fantastic result.

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  • Looks like Ferrari has died

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  • The fact that they have just given us the SF90 Stradale, which Chris Harris found to be lacking in personality, does not reassure me. There is little left of Ferrari once you lose the engine sound, which is more or less integral to the experience.

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