B​REAKING: McLaren To Compete In Extreme E From 2022

M​cLaren have just made the shock announcement that they will be competing to win in Extreme E from 2020

5d ago

M​cLaren have just become one of many motorsport legends to sign up to the new electric motorsport Extreme E, along with the likes of Nico Rosberg, Jensen Button, Carlos Sainz Sr and Lewis Hamilton.

McLaren's CEO Zak Brown has said "From the moment Extreme E was announced, we have been closely following the progress of the series. Our attention was immediately captured by the innovative format of this motorsport platform, in particular the opportunity it offers us to accelerate and drive our own overarching sustainability agenda, which shares the same priorities of decarbonisation, waste reduction, diversity and equality."

R​ather than be a statement of the company's future in automotive and motorsport it is simply McLaren taking the opportunity to engage in an innovative new form of motorsport to hopefully make a difference.

Their chief executive has said on this topic, "While Formula One will always be at the centre of our world, as will IndyCar and eSports, our participation in Extreme E complements the McLaren Racing franchise and will complement and help support all our programmes. We'll be up against big names we know well from F1 and IndyCar, but as with all the series we participate in, the race objective is clear: we're here to win."

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Comments (16)

  • Another company expanding and thinking that destroying an area with wheel ruts that has already been affected from climate change is a good and sensible thing to do.

    Once the hype falls and profit levels fall I bet the promise of repairing the area is quickly forgotten.

    JUst another example of capitalisation for capitalisation sake.

    For example, cash for clunckers. Perfectly good cars destroyed to keep car sales moving and claiming that the new cars will create less emissions when extending the life of current products lowers emissions.

    If we really wanted to solve climate change then built in obsolecences could be phased out and manufacturers allow vehicles to run for longer. lowering emissions from manufacturing and emissions from recycling.

    I hope the human race enjoys its bright shiny things. I do hope it is worth it. Believing all problems can be solved by the movement of nothing, FIAT currency.

    I hope we can rediscover the true definition of an economy. The current Definition is really sad.

      4 days ago
    • You obviously don't know much about Extreme E

        2 days ago
    • I would like to know more as most replies understand my point of view.

      I did read up about it as I was really interested in seeing Molly Taylor do well on an international stage. So if you can tell me where I am going wrong I will be happy to learn...

      Read more
        2 days ago
  • For a company that has historically shunned SUVs and other off-road vehicles, this seems like the wrong move.

      5 days ago
  • Yes

      2 days ago
  • I’ll be honest, I know they need to go down this route, but I couldn’t care less

      5 days ago
  • Does anyone actually watch the Extreme E races?

      5 days ago
    • Only one race I got bored, as unlike formula E electric motors you can't hear these as much and the majority of the noise was wind noise going past the camera microphone.

        4 days ago