Breaking News: Giovinazzi Retained at Alfa Romeo

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Alfa Romeo have announced that Antonio Giovinazzi will keep his seat at the team for the 2020 F1 season. He will be driving alongside current teammate Kimi Raikkonen who will be on the second year of his two year contract with Alfa Romeo.

2019 has been Giovinazzi's second time in Formula 1 but his first proper season actually driving for a team. With only four points to his name so far this season, it didn't look certain that he would be retaining his seat at the team after the end of this season - especially with the much more experienced driver of Nico Hulkenberg looking for a seat in F1 for 2020. But it would appear that those in charge at the team have decided that he has done enough to earn himself a spot at the team for at least one more season.

His current highest finishing position so far this season was a ninth place finish at the Italian Grand Prix back in September.

What do you think of this? Did Giovinazzi do enough to this year to keep his seat at Alfa for next season? Or should he have been replaced by someone else - and if so, who? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • The most immediately positive aspect of this announcement is that it confirms Alfa will be around next year, something that may of been in doubt following recent comments from Alfa themselves. Is Giovinazzi the right guy - remains to be seen, on one hand it is good that a young driver is being given a fair crack (are you listening Toro Rosso and others?), on the other it poses the question of how serious the team are - wouldn't they want the two best drivers available in order to secure them the maximum points?

    9 days ago