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Breaking news: here is finally the all-new Maserati MC20!

The small supercar is here

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This was to be expected. Officially unveiled tomorrow, the all-new Maserati MC20 hit the web a few hours early. This is great news for fans who have been waiting a long time for the car to arrive. First impressions are positive.

The new MC20 comes in the form of a small supercar with the bodywork very familiar to that of the Alfa Romeo 4C. The front face first of all takes up the grille of the mythical MC12 in reduced size. The long plunging hood is also a reminder of the venerable supercar.

From the side, the MC20 displays a style alternating between aggressiveness and elegance typical of the trident's productions. The rear section features two horizontal taillights as well as a large black section containing two exhaust pipes. Finally, the interior also preserves a sporty look.

The digital instrument cluster is combined with a touch screen for the infotainment. The entire package is trimmed in leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber. Under the hood, the Maserati MC20 hides a 3.0-litre V6 producing 630 PS and 730 Nm of torque.

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Comments (26)


      22 days ago
  • It's awsome, 😍😍😍😍😍😍

      22 days ago
  • Wowwww, Alfa went all in. Great design both front and rear. That V6 has to be pretty awesome to put out that many ponies. I’ll take TWO.

    Did Alfa just do a better NSX than Honda?

      22 days ago
  • You're literally 'breaking' the embargo. lol

      21 days ago
  • It looks nice but for a release it’s quite a bland spec. Now if they would’ve chose the color combination from the mc12 would make the car stand out a bit more.

      21 days ago