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Breaking news: here is finally the all-new Mercedes S-Class!

First appearance of the German brand's flagship

2w ago


Scheduled to arrive in less than three hours, the new generation Mercedes S-Class has made a premature appearance on the web. We can therefore admire for the very first time the exterior of the limousine from the star brand, the interior having already been previously revealed.

The design of the new S-Class comes as no surprise and thus follows in the footsteps of its little sisters, the C-Class and E-Class. The front end features a huge front grille that is larger than the current generation, to rival the latest BMW and Audi grilles.

The headlights are pinched more like on the facelifted E-Class. They use Digital Light technology to distribute their light beam extremely precisely. From the side, flush door handles are visible to further streamline the vehicle's appearance.

The most important change is at the rear of the limousine. The rear of the car is now fitted with horizontal taillights instead of the previously vertical ones. The new Mercedes S-Class will play the top-of-the-range role with the future SL, as the S-Class Coupé and Cabriolet are officially discontinued.

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Comments (10)

  • hmmm. cool

      19 days ago
  • Its pretty nice on the outside and inside too as long as you don't touch anything that shines, which is the entire dashboard and seat controls. And because of that, Lexus LS still gets my first pick.

      19 days ago
    • Right behind you. I cannot stand this interior. It will have so much glare it hurts to think even think about it. That control panel and gauge cluster are awful and will inevitably have issues. Nah, I'll pass MB. Keep on making Tesla clones...

        19 days ago
  • Way too much all wheel drive and few, if any, rear drive options.

      18 days ago
  • That looks cheap

      19 days ago
  • Really not sure what to make of it, the front looks like some sort of fish. Very un-Mercedes like. Maybe this is the sort of design that grows on you over time.

      19 days ago