- Photo credits CocheSpias Instagram account

It was now CocheSpias' Instagram account that revealed new photos of Ford's electric SUV during a preview presentation. So here is the Ford Mustang Mach-E in its best form, three days before its official presentation! As the first photos show, the electric SUV is more attractive than the last camouflaged prototypes, more so than we thought.

And that's good! Inspired by the iconic muscle car, the Mustang Mach-E takes up some of its stylistic features while styling its high silhouette in the SUV world. The presentation model dares to be colourful with a particularly dapper red. The car is also the first electric Ford created entirely by the brand.

On the design side, there is an elongated hood. At the end are horizontal and thin taillights. The lower part of the bumper and the hexagonal grille openly display their filiation with the Mustang. The difference is that this famous grille is now closed since it is an electric vehicle!

The profile is sporty with a plunging roofline, giving the impression of a coupe SUV. The shoulders are also very marked as on the Mustang. The rear lights inserted in a hollowed-out area consist of three bars still reminiscent of the Mustang. Also note the door handles integrated in the window lickers.

The cabin will accommodate five passengers in a particularly generous space, especially in the rear of the vehicle. The 821-litre trunk will even allow the Mustang Mach-E to go on a busy holiday! The dashboard is particularly minimalist and simple as in a Tesla Model X. The driver is facing a digital instrument cluster supplemented by a large vertical touch screen. The latter will include advanced autonomous driving functions, a first for Ford.

Several trims are already announced. The basic Select version is rear-wheel drive with a range of 230 mi. The intermediate Premium version offers a range of up to 300 mi. Finally, the sporty GT version offers a range of 235 mi but above all a particularly interesting acceleration: 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 s. This model is all-wheel drive. A First Edition launch version will also be available.

In the United States, prices are set! The Select model will cost $43,895 and the First Edition is sold at $59,900. The vehicle will be officially presented to the public on Monday, November 18.

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