- Lance Stroll will return to racing at the Portuguese Grand Prix - 2020

Breaking News: Lance Stroll Reveals A Positive Covid-19 Test After Eifel GP

Stroll revealed he tested positive for Covid-19 after the Eifel GP, he has been in isolation since and says his most recent test came back negative...

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Recently at the Eifel Grand Prix it was announced during Saturday practice Lance Stroll will not be participating due to illness. It was not confirmed whether it was a cold, sickness or Covid-19, but now it has been reveled from Lance himself that he tested positive for the Coronavirus after the Eifel Grand Prix. Lance Stroll did withdrawal from the Eifel GP due to illness, and has stated he did test positive for coronavirus on Sunday evening. But a negative result for COVID-19 before Portugal has been reveled to the public. Nico Hulkenberg replaced Lance during the Eifel grand Prix at the Nürburgring, but Lance explained that now his most recent test came back negative, and that he is fit for the Portuguese Grand Prix this weekend.

Italian Grand Prix - Monza - Lance Stroll - 2020

Italian Grand Prix - Monza - Lance Stroll - 2020

This has caused some speculations, people are wondering if Lance is really in shape for Portugal, but his test did come back negative, and the Racing Point driver himself has spoken that he is ready and that he is in tip-top shape to come back to Formula 1. A few months before this during the British Grand Prix and the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix in Silver Stone, Stroll's teammate Sergio "Checo" Perez also tested positive for Covid-19. With Nico Hulkenberg replacing him twice over a span of two weeks. Remember during this time between the Eifel Grand Prix and the Portuguese Grand Prix at Portimão, there is a one-week hiatus, leaving a good amount of time for Stroll to recover.

We are hoping Stroll can come back safely and in great shape, even though he has reveled testing negative again. It is very difficult going from racing every week, to then getting sick and it affecting your body, your mental health etc. And it will be mentally tough and physically tough for Lance, with a new track most of them have never raced on. Portimão shows to be a very straining track for the drivers necks, but Lance has been working out and trying to get back into shape before Practice, Qualifying and most importantly the Race on Sunday morning.

Lance Stroll is confirmed to return to action in Portugal this week, Formula 1 has very strict Covid-19 measures for the sport. The FIA try to do their best to keep everyone safe, and so far it has gone very well. Only Checo, and about two other members in the Mercedes garage have tested positive along with Stroll himself. A second Mercedes team member tested positive for coronavirus during the Eifel Grand Prix. The entire team was re-tested after one positive result on Thursday and a third person delivered an inconclusive result and has tested again.

F1 takes their protection protocols in the paddock this season very seriously, with social distancing, masks, team 'bubbles', limiting people and contact, while also disinfecting. Most people who tested positive have revealed they were not in contact, Stroll said he isolated ever since the Saturday morning he found out, but also had completed interviews the day before. Fortunately, this was taken care of, because F1 has many nurses, and members, disinfecting crews who clean and take their drivers, coworkers, and teams coronavirus tests.

Lance reveled he tested positive in this statement…

"I just want to let everyone know that I recently tested positive for Covid-19 after the Eifel GP weekend, I am feeling 100 per cent and have since tested negative."

Lance stroll 2020
Lance Stroll - 2020

Lance Stroll - 2020

As Lance gets ready for a tough weekend in Portimão, we wish him all the best and the best health from now on. It is unlucky Nico will replace Stroll this weekend, and luckily we will see Lance Stroll racing on the track again.

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