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Breaking News: Shumacher, ILOTT And Shwarzman TO MAKE F1 DEBUT IN GERMANY

The Nürburgring Practice is going to be pretty interesting..

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher

Three of the best 2020 F2 drivers will make their F1 Debut next weekend. With two drivers at the top of the F2 championship, Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott, will take a part in Friday's practice at Germany, at the Nürburgring. Mick will be the first Schumacher practicing in F1 since his father. It will be their first time practicing in Formula 1.

With teams reconsidering their team lineups for next season, it will be no surprise if we get a new rookie in F1. Alfa Romeo will be hosting Mick, with Schumacher driving the Alfa Romeo in practice on Friday. With Callum in a haas.

Robert will get his chance at the final Friday of the 2020 season in Abu Dhabi to get his practice.

Mick Shcumacher

Mick Shcumacher

With Schumacher making his Formula 1 debut at the Eifel Grand Prix, we cant help to wonder if the 2021 season, will be Micks first. As Mick is leading the F2 championship, the chances are high that many teams are looking for someone new. Winning an F2 championship, gives you many opportunities. And it would be very exiting to see the Schumacher name winning in Formula 1 again.

How do you feel about Schumacher and Ilott practicing in Formula 1?

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Comments (4)

  • Hate to blow my own trumpet but have been saying for some time now that he would be in the Alfa for next season, I suspect one of the others will be in the HAAS alongside Perez. Could help to make 2021 a little more interesting as the cars aren't changing much - also gives the newbies a chance to bed-in before the 2022 regs changes...

      25 days ago
  • Wow he looks exactly like his dad

      25 days ago


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