BREAKING RAD. BCKustom’s ‘Bone Destroyer’ Honda XL 600R Tracker

Bitten by the tracking bug? Why not go the whole hog and build yourself one of these for your local comp, just like France's BCKustoms did.

3y ago

I tried flat tracking a few months ago. I blitzed the first-timer’s field until someone pointed out that I was riding a bike with a front brake and using it. So I switched to the rear brake, went for broke on the last lap and promptly ate more dirt than a stoned earthworm with poor self-control. The bike was cactus and my left knee has only just recovered. The lesson was simple; learning to go fast on dirt can be a painful exercise. Which is probably why France’s BCKustoms has called this, their gorgeous new ‘87 Honda XL 600R flat tracker, the ‘Bone Destroyer’.

After finally getting his own wheels on track for the Dirt Quake VI event with his 1200cc HD Hooligan tracker, Yann, the BCKustoms founder was bitten by the dust bug. While travelling back home to the town of Quimper in France, he got a crazy idea in his head about entering some local flat track races. The only issue was that the French rulebook didn’t allow for engines over 750 cc, so sadly the Harley could only be a spectator.


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