BREAKING: Red Bull Switch To Honda Engines For 2019

Red Bull have decided to use Honda engines next year as their contract with Renault has expired

2y ago


The decision has come after months of research and comparisons between the Renault and Honda engines by Red Bull. It was heavily rumored that Red Bull would seriously consider the switch to Honda engines after their sister team, Toro Rosso made the switch at the end of last season. Renault forced Red Bull to decide no later than the Austrian GP as they felt Red Bull were taking too long to decide.

Honda has surprised everyone with their drastically improved reliability and performance. This package enabled Pierre Gasly to take a stunning fourth at Bahrain track where Honda have struggled in recent years. Honda also brought an impressive upgrade to Canada worth 40-50 HP.

It's no secret that Honda have struggled since their return to F1 in 2015. The partnership promised a return to the glory days when Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost dominated the sport. Although, it was clear before the engine was even in the car that the relationship had some major problems.

Honda were forced into the sport sooner than they wished, which was a death wish due to the complexity of the turbo-hybrid era power units. McLaren and Honda had constant communication issues over the three year period which eventually resulted in their divorce at the end of last year.

At the time it was unclear if Honda would be able to remain in the sport after Sauber backed out of a deal for the 2018 season, and opted for the current Ferrari engines. Toro Rosso saved the Japanese engine supplier and since the new partnership has been successful.

Red Bull's decision will undoubtedly factor into Ricciardo's decision on who he drives for next season. He will be looking for the quickest car he can get his hands on, and its uncertain if Honda can offer that. Mercedes and Ferrari are both a much safer bet in terms of reliability and performance.

Did Red Bull make the right decision, and should Ricciardo stay? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to bump!

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  • I guess red bull racing will start their development on their 2021 car and will probably take a drop (in development) for 2019 and 2020.

    I'd also like to take a guess that even though they're not sure about Riccardo, they're holding Max tighter than anything they've ever held before. Also, there are the chances of Adrian Newey, leaving for Renault (based on what I've read recently).

      2 years ago
  • Watch Daniel Ricciardo jump ship to Ferrari

      2 years ago
  • Think we all know where Daniel Ricciardo will be going....

      2 years ago
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      2 years ago


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