Breaking the Curse: Toyota TS050 Hybrid

With many years of research and development since their return to LeMans in 2012. Toyota strived to claim a victory at the prestigious motorsport. Only to get defeated by mechanical woes and misfortunes giving the win to the Germans.

Everything changed however in 2018, with both Audi and Porsche exited the LMP1 class Toyota now the only manufacturer entrant in the LMP1 class with hybrid technology.

After setting the two fastest lap times at qualifying, Toyota snatched pole positions at the start of the 86th 24 Hours of LeMans. And maintained that lead throughout the entire race for a 1-2 finish thanks to a strong team of drivers including two times F1 champion Fernando Alonso and no mechanical troubles after many hard learned lessons from years prior.

At last, Toyota has beaten the odds. Claim victory at LeMans breaking their curse and bring back another honor for Japan following the legendary Mazda 787B winning the event in 1991.

Earlier this year, Toyota managed to repeat their success despite a little hiccup with equipment on monitoring tire pressure. It was a similar story with Toyota leading the race with the same No.8 car taking 1st as it was in 2018.

Interesting fact: The number 8 or “hachi” in Japanese is a number that symbolizes good fortune.

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Comments (13)
  • Nice model! But I do have to admit the TS050s were a pain to watch, especially in 2016 Le Mans... They never had the luck...

    8 days ago
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    • Yes, 2016 LeMans could be nominated for the most depressing moment in motorsport of the decade. I remember I nearly cried watching that finish and I'm sure the Toyota team was too.

      8 days ago
      2 Bumps
    • I honestly have to admit that I was also crying, but in a different way. As a fan of Porsche, it was a very dramatic and thankful win, but I totally understand how painful it would’ve...

      Read more
      8 days ago
      3 Bumps
  • Welcome to DT! A welcomed sight with articles like these!

    8 days ago
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