- Photo from @Corvette on Instagram, a larger-scale version of which was found on Road and Track.

BREAKING: This Is But One Picture Of The New C8 Corvette Z06 Without The Camo

Yup, that's all that GM can show for right now.

3w ago

We've been waiting, we've been anticipating, and we've been buttering up the bits for a full reveal on October 26th: you are looking at the upcoming 2023 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z06. General Motors only had one uncamouflaged photo to show.

The official Corvette Instagram page posted it and a camo version of a mule with a bigger wing about an hour ago, and I gotta say: it's pretty cool if a bit tamer in this grey.

GM has been testing the Z06 in earnest since the reveal of the base C8, with multiple spy shots of it zipping around the Nurburgring with the Porsche GT2RS and Ferrari 458 in sight according to Road and Track. R&T's chronicle of this car's development has some more educated guesses: the 5.5-litre LT6 V8 is pegged to make 617hp, revs to 9000rpm, has a flat-plane crank and dual-overhead cams, making for quite a loud and punchy engine.

This being the hotted-up version of the Corvette, its Michelin Sport Cup 2R tyres are wider (345 rear and 275 front as told by Muscle Cars and Trucks) and can be specced with carbon fibre wheels, part of a Z07 package that comes with a more pronounced rear wing.

Estimations across multiple scribes put the base C8 Z06 at around US$85,000 before options and markups, which is a potentially huge undercut from what Porsche asks for even the 991 and 992 911 GT3, let alone the 991 GT2. Given that not even GM can keep up with demand for the C8, however, I wonder if we're seeing an Nvidia RTX-like situation here.

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Comments (21)

  • Looking a LOT better than the regular C8. Not a huge fan of the C8 in general but this does really make it a lot more attractive.

      20 days ago
  • Just looks like any other C8. Why did they bother with camo?

    It's like when the latest smartphone pics are leaked and everyone says "Wow! It's a rectangle, I wasn't expecting that!"

      20 days ago

      20 days ago
  • I like the looks, just not the new engine. I will always prefer pushrod, cross plane V-8 engines over flat plane crankshaft DOHC V-8 engines.

      20 days ago
    • It's kinda better though

        20 days ago
    • Maybe from an efficiency standpoint but pushrod and cross plane sounds miles better and has better torque curve and makes for a more enjoyable driving experience. They just don’t Rev as high. And flat plane crankshafts have balance issues...

      Read more
        20 days ago
  • I love it, a 5.5L flat-plane V8 is amazing

      17 days ago