Brembo is reinventing the brake caliper, and it looks awesome

And it even comes with adjustable RGB lights.

The go-to brand for high-performance motoring is Brembo. An Italian company founded in 1961, Brembo has been manufacturing and refine the concept of slowing down where most innovate on speeding up. Cars and bikes alike, a good sign of performance is seeing the iconic Brembo badge on the typically red caliper.

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, the brand has revealed the stunning "New G Sessanta", a caliper design inspired by their first motorbike caliper, but revolutionised to house everything from wirelessly controllable RGB lighting to the "next-generation framework of dynamic solids and voids."

It may look flash, but the RGB lighting isn't all for show, as it will change colours depending on individual situations to warn motorists of any possible faults, as well as emit a dim light to help users find their vehicle in darker environments.

This concept isn't just for motorbike calipers however, as Brembo states that the technology can be migrated to any existing caliper - we could potentially be seeing glowing RGB from the brakes of next generation of vehicles.

- AutoNews Australia

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