Brembo reveals new brake disc design that features a mirror finish

Being able to check you've got your hair right in your brake discs isn't the only advantage Brembo's new Greentive rotors offer.

38w ago

If you're the sort of person who loves to make sure they look good in every single reflective surface you encounter – trust me, I have friends who are like this – then the boffins at Italian brake specialist Brembo have some good news for you as it has revealed a new line of brake discs that feature a mirror finish for you to check yourself out in.

Well, not really, although that is certainly a possibility with them. Instead, the new line of brake discs – dubbed 'Greentive', a merging of the words green and distinctive, the latter of which they clearly are – have actually been designed to last longer and to have a higher level of corrosion resistance than traditional brake discs.

The uniquely reflective aesthetics, and of course these benefits, come courtesy of a unique coating applied using High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel technology.

Speaking with Motor1, a representative from Brembo confirmed that "the mirror effect stays over time," assuring the longevity of the coating which also reduces brake dust in addition to the other aforementioned benefits.

Bearing Brembo's logo on the face of the brake discs to act as a wear indicator, the company believes the Greentive brake discs are ideal for electric vehicles due to them utilising their braking systems differently to ICE-powered cars due to EVs heavily utilising regenerative braking before relying on the mechanical stoppers.

However, Brembo has indicated that the unique mirror-finish coating used on the Greentive discs could also be applied to a range of other brake rotors including even two-piece floating discs, so there's every chance a number of the company's other discs on offer could utilise this technology eventually.

Now that you've seen these oh-so shiny brake discs, let us know...

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Comments (13)

  • If I needed a replacement and the price point was correct then yes. If there’s a big price premium and there is virtually no difference in stopping distance then no.

      8 months ago
  • Ah, just like Porsche’s white-caliper PSCB brakes from 2019.

      8 months ago
  • Pre glazed rotors. Sounds great...

      8 months ago
    • Exactly what I was thinking

      If you need maximum friction a mirror like surface is not the way to go.

      The stupid things humans will do just for looks...

        7 months ago
  • We don't need a reason why we want them

      8 months ago
  • Not a word on breaking performance level? I’d assume Brembo would not release an under performing upgrade?

    Advantages imply no rust? Rust being the biggest wear cause from what I see. Hot brakes parked up, it rains , they rust and wear the pads oddly, the rust then wears the pads oddly rounding the edges, in turn accelerating disc wear in the middle and leaving rust on the outer diameter, this seems worse on the inboard face mid.... Not to mention bits of rust chipping off, as anyone who’s fitted new discs will see on the old ones as a pile of rust on the floor under the hub. What a poorly written article. Answers none of these questions...

      8 months ago