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Bridging Eras

1y ago


I guess I should start this with a little bit of background information. (And a heads up to readers, this may feel almost like a blog post instead of an article).

Where do I begin. My name is Elias Patten, Bubbles to those that know me closely. I was born in a small town in Alaska, and grew up racing a rusty Subaru in our local stage rally and rallycross circuits. Natural progression from this was the dirt circle track in my home town, where I first learned to control unadulterated American large displacement V8 power. Shortly therafter, I joined the US Military, and found myself stationed in the heart of Southern California, somewhere with a car scene to rival any international locale. Amidst the JDM fans, the muscle car guys, and the (in my eyes at the time) pompous European import drivers, I found my kin. I went through numerous vehicles, starting with a Scion, then a VW, a few trucks, then I found my true love in the Ford Mustang. I always loved the muscular body lines and roar of Ford overhead cam V8 engine, but mostly the pure joy I felt behind the wheel of the proper pony.

Fast forward a few years. I've found an appreciation for all cars, because everything has a niche (except the Toyota Prius). Now, I've begun a new undertaking. After extensive research into the torque and horsepower curves, block construction, forced induction applications, factory powerband, and taking into account the uniqueness of my project, I've decided to take the 5.2 Liter (Litre for you folk across the pond) 10 cylinder engine out of an Audi S6, and put it into my 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang. The idea behind this is not only the infuriate the purists, but also to have something unique and never before seen. This engine will also be built (Entirely in a home garage, by myself) with new, forged internals and H beam connecting rods. In addition to this, I will be going with an air-to-water intercooled twin turbocharged system, to provide the high RPM power I am looking for.

To go with the engine, I will also be self teaching and learning all of my own aerodynamics, and building my own kit from sheets of carbon fiber and kevlar. I have worked with carbon fiber before so this is not new to me, but the kevlar will be an interesting experience.

The entire point behind this build is to compete in Race To The Clouds, (the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb) as a rookie, and set a competitive time. As this build progresses, I will be posting more pictures on here, as well as Instagram (@bubbles_andhispony), and hope my followers enjoy seeing her come together as much as I will!

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