Brilliant Lunatic Has Built A V12 Using Two Supra Engines

What is better than One 1JZGTE engine? Two 1JZGTE engines fused together to make One Glorious V12!

3y ago

As many of you know the Toyota 2JZ engine is a legend among everyone. The ridiculously over engineered engine is a favorite among tuners for its insane horsepower potential on a stock bottom end. It is the engine of choice if you are searching for big power on a budget. What many of you may not know is it had a little brother that was in its own right a phenomenal engine.

The 1JZ was a 2.5 liter straight six that called the JDM MKIII Supra and Toyota Chaser home. It shared many compoents with the more famous 2JZ which has made it a popular engine choice in recent years. It is a less costly alternative to its big brother but still a very strong engine. It may be down 500 cc's in comparison to the 2JZ but it is still capable of 600+ horsepower on stock components which makes it a very tempting swap option.

Orrrrr, you can take two 1JZ stick them together to create twelve cylinder beast! Sounds crazy but one beautiful lunatic has done just that! Don Groff is a Minesota man who has tasked himself with this project. What exactly is involved with a project of this nature? A lot, a veritable metric shit ton of work has gone into this project that was started back in 2014. Don had to make sure the engines lined up, which meant a custom built crank case and crankshaft. The crankshaft was custom built by SCAT and featured Chevy small-block main bearings, Honda connecting rod journals, and Honda H-beam connecting rods.

One of the cylinder heads was modified to allow for a "Hot V" setup. What is a Hot V you ask? It is simple, on a traditional "V" engine the intake ports are on the inside of the "V" while the exhaust ports are on the outside. In a Hot V setup the roles are reversed as the exhaust ports are on the inside and the intakes on the outside. You are starting to see this on more and more turbocharged performance street cars as it carries many benefits vs a traditional setup. Did I forget to mention Don is going to add two turbos to his monstrous creation? Don chose this setup as it makes for a more compact package and fits within his chosen chassis better.

Don is still working on the entire project but in a recent update he says his machine will roar to life soon. When finished his engine will displace 5.0 liters and make 800 horsepower. Now this seems like a lot of work when he could have easilly gone out and gotten a 2JZ that would make that power no sweat. But when asked why he took on the project his response was as awesome as his creation, “because I can!”

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Comments (34)

  • I've always wanted to see something like this with 2x E46 M3 straight sixes!!!

      3 years ago
  • isn't the 1j the older brother rather than the little brother? it's a older engine

      3 years ago
  • Top Secret v12 Supra...

      3 years ago
  • Top Secret did this a while ago.

      3 years ago
  • So this is his version of an American engine with massive displacement that makes 190HP? Instead it's a massive engine with small displacement (for it's size) that makes alot of power.

      3 years ago
    • 190? Stock 1jz-ge makes 250 and 1jz-gte makes 280hp, now double that and even a mustang 5.0 as the same displacement and IT IS NOT AN AMERICAN VERSION

        3 years ago