- W​orn perished suspension bushes often lead to soggy handling, braking instability and premature tyre wear. Fight back. with the range of Powerflex Heritage series Polyurethane bushes now available www.powerflex.co.uk

Bring Any Practical Classic Porsche 924 / 944 Back From The Dead

O​ld-timer poly bushes for performance heroes from yesteryear as part of the Powerflex Bushes Heritage collection

Modern day performance, retro good looks – it’s what the Heritage Collection from Powerflex is all about. New-age polymer tech to equip a host of contemporary classics with enviable handling thanks to cutting-edge know how.

Applying Powerflex’s attention to detail to the shifting trends of the concours, classic and modified car market has led to the development of the latest grey collection of Heritage Bushes for those who want to steer away from using rubber, but wish to retain an OE look. From an aesthetic point of view they work fantastically for the restoration buffer who doesn’t want to signal their upgrades with the purple and yellow bushes traditionally offered as part of Powerflex’s ‘Road Series’.

This time around the Porsche 924 and 944 are blessed with the new-age tech to improve upon Porsche’s renowned chassis expertise and sweet RWD balance. With Powerflex focusing upon the rear wheel drive Porkers that many have ignored due to the dominance of the 911, these modern classics can now put limp, perished rubber bushes well behind them. That’s right, the 924 (1982 – 1985) and 944 (1982 – 1991) are comprehensively catered for with a wide spread of the existing range now on offer in the subtle grey heritage hue.

The 924 and 944 (including S, S2 and Turbo) range is already expansive, so everything from wishbones to anti roll bars, rear axle carriers and even rear trailing arms are already available online from the Powerflex shop. Restore and enhance the sweet handling balance of these delicate Stuttgart machines and rest assured that Powerflex’s lifetime warranty will see them comfortably outlast the car, maybe even the owner

Head on over to: www.powerflex.co.uk/products/Porsche-25/t1.html to check out the full range, but this latest focus upon the practical Porsche classics makes the Powerflex range more accessible and aesthetically pleasing than ever before. If the bushes required are currently available in Powerflex’s Yellow 70A and Purple 80A durometer ‘Road Series’ specifications, there’s a very good chance you can also specify them in the latest Heritage colourway. The same level of performance is guaranteed, albeit with a visually pleasing colour choice that doesn’t stand out quite as much.

Rather than adopting a one material suits all approach, each part is specified according to its location and requirements and has its own designated shore rated material to ensure improved suspension performance without discomfort or vibration, just as Powerflex does with the Road Series.

To restore, refine and reinforce the composure, control and compliance whilst enhancing steering feel and chassis control at the helm, these are the bushes you’ve been waiting for.

Forget about premature tyre, braking instability or drastic suspension geometry movement under load, Powerflex has spent 25 years perfecting the ideal compounds to improve the drive without massively compromising NVH standards in the cabin. To make your Porker feel like it’s just rolled off the factory floor, Powerflex has the answer. www.powerflex.co.uk

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