Bring back Saab

I explain why someone should reinvent the quirky Swedish firm.

Why? You may ask, what is the point in bringing back this odd quirky company? They departed quietly a fair few years ago, and you’d be right to think no one cares. Because, they went bankrupt, they died. But I think it’s fair to say in their later years, their various owners didn’t give them the respect they deserved. Look at the cars Saab produced. For a firm unaware to some, they have a rather rich back catalogue. Their first car, the 92 was a lovely looking thing, with a heavy emphasis on aerodynamic design. The 96 V4, 95 Station Wagon are also gems. Then we get to the iconic 99 Turbo. Saabs all looked different, tried to be unique. But of course there were low points. The 9-7x was a Chevrolet with Saab clothing. The 600 was a Lancia Delta, which was unbelievably vulnerable to rust. Then the 9-2x, which was a Subaru Impreza. As cars, the 9-7x and 9-2x weren’t too bad, but as Saabs they were laughable. Their low points all share an obvious similarity. They technically weren’t Saabs. That was also true about their last car, the 9-5, with was overflowing with GM parts.

What is easy to fathom here, is that Saab are at their best when they are original. Designed by them, being innovative and doing things their own way. So I propose that, somebody, somewhere, should reinvent them. TVR have been reborn, yet Saab are a far more pioneering firm than TVR. What a new Saab should be, is distinctively Saab. Quirky, different, unique. But likeable, and very Scandinavian. A reborn Saab would be, in my mind, a two or four door sleek coupe. The design should be smooth, simple yet identifiable as a Saab. It would be all electric, with a Polestar like interior and plush seats. And of course a little Swedish flag somewhere inside wouldn’t go a miss. So if you are aware of a wealthy car person, entrepreneur or investor, why not suggest this idea. Reinventing lovely Saab. Oh, and tell them to please not mess it up.

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