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Bring Your Road Trip Home for The Holidays

It may be "dirt in a glass ball" on the Christmas tree to some, but for us it is memories from some of our favorite car trips.

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When we took a family road trip of the western stretch of Route 66 back in 2014, we gathered in a plastic jar some red dirt from our starting point in Oklahoma City, some Texas sand from the route's official "midpoint," and some California beach sand from Santa Monica.

That Christmas, we poured the contents of our more than 1,300-mile car trip into a simple glass ornament, and painted it up with the date and locations of the trip.

These little glass "car trip collections," "roads side recollections," or what have you are some of our favorite souvenirs, something my husband and I started before our oldest was even thought of. There is beach sand and shells from "Dog Beach" in San Diego, white gypsum sand that accumulated in our shoes from White Sands, New Mexico, feathers and leaves from wildnerness picnic sites, and bits of discarded gravel from race tracks. Whatever adventure our car or family SUV has taken us on, we try to preserve in some capacity...and often times it ends up on our Christmas tree.

Image: Lisa Tate

Image: Lisa Tate

This year, if you want to bring back an completely one-of-a-kind —and literally dirt cheap — memory from your trip, take a jar or plastic bag with you, save it for your tree trimming or other holiday decorating.

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