Bristol Keys

As you may know, the origin of the phillips screwdriver was intended for industrial applications in a factory setting. The design was to overcome the prevailing problem of over tightening of the fastener, which would snap off the head of the screw. This was cleverly solved by the invention of the phillips drive. It would allow the screw to be tightened to a certain torque, then cam-out when reached its maximum limit. While this was a great idea for its original use, It's makes no sense in the modern world of good quality metals and fasteners.

Behold. The Bristol Key. Could this truly be the fastener designed for the 20th century. It has an amazing ability to not cam out, meaning, it can be used repeatedly on cars, buses, motorcycles with very little wear. This design could inspire a new way of thinking for fastener designs. A reusable and easy to replace fixing for the modern world.

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