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Better than Kate moss and naomi campbell

"The secret to life is not being perfect, but having a face that people can identify in a second", were the famous words of Karl Lagerfeld. Life is this machine's catwalk. It is a bike for the wealthy, owned by men far richer than you with their every move commanded by the throttle of the parallel twin. It boasts status of an A Lister and demands attention from its fans. This is the 2017 Triumph Thruxton R. There is no need for long legs and a hunger driven smile, but rather a retro throwback to make the flash of the camera speak.

It is a selfish bike that requires the attention of a single rider (added seat and pegs are additional extras but not recommended). Compared to the 900 Thruxton, the fenders have been integrated better into the new look, the new fuel filler cap is pretty nifty, the new liquid cooled engine that is made to look air cooled just to keep its cool (see what I did there) as well as all these little attention to details that make it a work of art have made a distinctive difference. Overall, it is more masculine than its predecessor. The stance is athletic despite its retro glimpse. The vision is pure British racing muscle.

The new model contains a 1200cc new "High Powered" engine and thus having 41% more horse power than is older self. It peaks at 96BHP @ 6750rpm, this is no longer a pipsqueak but a new era in "Neo-Retro" motorcycles. It is respected and punching well in its weight class. Triumph have introduced three new riding modes (Road, Rain, Sport), and standard ABS.

Changes to the chassis have been done too. A reduction in wheel base was necessary and improved handling has made it a win. A new aluminium swingarm has been made shorter and lighter than before as well as the steepening of the rake to 22.8 degrees on the R models. The weight of the bike itself has been made lighter to 203kg, a whole 10 and a half kilograms lighter than the 900cc Thruxton and I am not insinuating that bikes and models need to be skinny and light.

The combination of Showa front suspension and Öhlins rear make for a significantly smoother ride. The entirety of this "retro-racer" has been made to win the hearts and minds of this communistic looker! I cannot recall a bike that has managed to attract its target audience so well like the Thruxton has. At the end of the day your views and comments will not matter because this bike is on its way to being sold out. Triumph have taken a great bike and turned it into a God.

Photographs have been taken by Roarke Bouffe and Vaughn Humphrey

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