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I​s this the end of Britian in the Automotive world?

6w ago

The last few months have been tumultuous for Britain with increased coronavirus cases and the implications on Brexit taking a toll on a number of people (Sorry Brexit supporters). Much to our dismay, so has been the automotive industry, a bleak and fragile situation is prevailing all over. For quite sometime British automakers have been juggled around by their parent organisations but there could be light at the end of the tunnel if the right decisions are made. Let see whats in store.

J​aguar and Land Rover

Over the last month the twin brands of Coventry stated Jaguar's departure to the EV side of things while the Land Rover would continue producing IC engine vehicles. Initially it caused joy in the hearts of the Jag fans but soon enough brakes were applied on XJ electric project. Things don't seem too well on the Land Rover side of things either, with no clear path into the EV side, Land Rover's USA market could crumble given the likes of Rivian, Ford and GM.

A​ston Martin

Out at Gaydon too there does not exist a rosy picture as Aston Martin's "Sunday projects team" hasn't found a way into the electric markets. With brief success with the Rapid E and the Classic car restoration, the Team seems to have run out of beer supplies to think about the next move.

L​otus and McLaren

While Norwich based Lotus seem to have found a key to success the Evija isn't coming out soon enough either. McLaren on the other hand is living on a day-to-day basis by badge engineering its own cars over and over again.


A​though Mini has an EV currently in the market, it's image has been mired by poor build quality, plagued by poor reliability and weekly visits to the local garage have burnt holes in customer's pocket. So I'm pretty sure no one is going to take a ride down the gateway to hell with the Mini. But it is to be noted that the quicker the brand transitions to the EV segment the better.


Bentley under the German cloak have been quite reluctant about the EV game. Although VW has been prepping several EVs, it seems like VW just haven't got the right car to match the opulence of the British brand. This leaves us with the stalwart of the automotive industry, Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce under the empowerment of the Bavarian automotive giant has definitely been receiving its share of the EV cake from BMW. Its not everyday that one sees Rolls Royce patent a name for its line up and such was the incident that took place earlier this week when Rolls Royce patented the 'Silent Shadow' name. With BMW testing in the final stages of the i7 testing and Rolls Royce's timely patent has surely ticked several checkboxes for the Goodwood brands entry in to then EV arena. Who knows if the Silver Shadow is an entry level luxury EV or just another Rolls Royce, but what we all know is that Rolls Royce is entering the EV arena soon.

T​he Verdict

With Rolls Royce being the only brand having a clear path into the EV market, much of the British Automotive industry seems to be stuck in a puddle of its own, further aggravated by Covid and Brexit. Only time can say if the once largest automotive manufacturing country would last on the map of global automakers.

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  • EVs are the problem, and why the British industry will crumble, that's the problem, how about I run your country no more EVs

      1 month ago
  • Heroes never fall

      1 month ago