BRKC2016 - a photo reportage

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Racing banter and hair arrangement in the spectator gallery.

In January 2016, BRKC, the British Rental Kart Championship got underway at Formula Fast karting in Milton Keynes. It was my second appearance, having competed in 2015. I took my cameras along to capture a few snaps for the sake of it, but got carried away and ended up with a great selection of mainly behind-the-scenes candid photos of the event.

Race director and Formula Fast owner Ollie Demetrios Fox at race control checks all systems are running, while BRKC founder Bradley Philpot hovers purposefully. Commentator James Auld and Live broadcast director Darren S Cook confer .

The championship is without doubt the most fiercely contested karting I've ever been involved in. Such is its reputation, that it attracts a large contingent of foreign karting champions.

Racers weigh in before slipping into their seats. Drivers must weigh a minimum of 90KGs and add ballast if necessary. This is essential for close, fair racing.

Racers got a practice session, 5 heats, spread over two days. The top 30 raced in semi-finals, and subsequently a 30 minute grand final. Unusually, BRKC has a mandatory pitstop with a laser trip line to make sure you don't jump the lights. This can be taken at any point after the first lap, and ensures some strategic thinking and race tactics.

Ready for the off, each heat starts with one lap qualifying, grid lined up according to time, and rolling start.

To make it fairer for racers who have never been to the track, Formula Fast create an alternative layout. You barely get a chance too practice on it, so it is a real leveller.

Race gets underway, viewed from open mezzanine. Track is standard layout here.

The times are unbelievably close, with hundredths of seconds seperating leaders

Tension and laughter in the charged atmosphere of race control

Creative cropping - Race controller keeps a keen eye out for illegal moves

Finalists wait their turn in the pits

Scruffy Bear Pictures live-streamed the whole event. Director Darren S Cook is a motorsport enthusiast and will be covering the event again in 2017

The whole event was broadcast live on the internet. Here steadicam operator receives strange instructions from his DOP?

Formula Fast loved the photos so much, they bought rights to them and used them extensively to promote this event and their karting business. So that's a win for me, even if I finished at the lower end of the race results table.

Ruben Boutens from the Netherlands wins BRKC again!

Ruben Boutens made a lightning move into the lead in the final and won comfortably. He has won many championships across Europe. He took home £1000 and an automatic entry to the rental karting world championships.

BRKC has gained such status that all 100 places for 2017 were sold out two months before the event: 20th-22nd January 2017

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  • Thanks, but it's annoying how the top and bottom of photos get cropped off in this view. If you click on them all is sorted though, and you can click through the gallery

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  • Awesome photos!

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