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BRM’s first P15 V16 F1 continuation has been finished

It's one of three new continuation cars built to celebrate BRM's 70th anniversary and has a 16-cylinder engine that revs to 12,000 rpm!

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One of the most distinctive of the 1950s Grand Prix cars was BRM's P15. This absolute monster of a racing car featured a 1.5-liter supercharged V16 that produced 591 hp and revved up to 12,000 rpm. As you'd expect, it sounded absolutely incredible! Now that incredible early Grand Prix racer has been resurrected to mark the 70th anniversary of the BRM company. John Owen, the son of BRM's former team principal Sir Alfred Owen, is currently engaged in a project to build three brand-new continuation versions of the P15. These are the first P15s to have been built since 1953 and will use unassigned chassis numbers from the time.

It's been no easy feat to bring this incredible car back from the dead. John Owen and his team had to use the original pre-WWII blueprints to recreate the car from scratch. These blueprints required over 36,000 individually engineered components. The new engines alone require over 4,000 of those components, many of which had to be individually manufactured by Owen's team! Thankfully, they were able to get some assistance with the engine from specialist engineers working at Hall and Hall.

The first of the three continuation cars has now been finished and was recently tested at the Blyton Park circuit in Lincolnshire. "Hearing that V16 engine again after so many years, was an incredible moment, and a dream come true," said John Owen about the test. "It’s a tribute to the tremendous skill, persistence and attention to detail of the engineering team at Hall and Hall, and I really can’t wait to unveil the car at the Goodwood Revival."

Image: BRM

Image: BRM

"This has been an incredible journey for all of us at Hall and Hall," said Rick Hall, who was an engineer at the BRM F1 team. "We have worked closely with BRM ever since I joined the team at the end of ’72, and we needed every bit of that experience to bring this truly awesome racing car to life. It took two years, from original blueprint right up to shakedown, but there are no shortcuts when you’re working to the level of quality, detail and authenticity we needed."

"With the first of the three new Mk1 V16 now complete, we will turn our attention to the two remaining chassis numbers," Hall continued. "With all the technical hurdles now safely overcome, we are supremely confident we can create a truly magnificent, brand new, historically authentic yet entirely raceable 1950s Formula 1 car."

The first BRM P15 continuation car will be at the Goodwood Revival this weekend, where it'll be making its on-track debut in front of the world. With its classic Grand Prix racer looks and raucous 16-cylinder engine, it'll no doubt stand out as a fan favourite at the yearly celebration of classic motor racing!

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  • I adore that car. In my opinion it has the best sounding engine ever made

      1 month ago
    • There's nothing else that sounds like a 1.5-litre V16, is there? Such an odd and awesome engine.

        1 month ago
    • There really isn't. I'm so interested in it. I have to admit I've spent longer than I should have done researching all about it

        1 month ago
  • That looks absolutely insane! I love it!

      29 days ago
  • What a result wish I was the other John Owen. Hope to hear it myself at some point in the cuter at Blyton

      27 days ago