- Mercedes-AMG will be providing the cars for the upcoming Justice League film

Bruce Wayne Will Drive A Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo In Upcoming Film

1y ago


Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter-ego. The character is portrayed to have a playboy lifestyle, flashing the cash and always driving high end cars. It appears that the upcoming Justice League film will be no exception!

Ben Affleck's ride in the new film - Batman just got a whole lot cooler!

Cars for the movie are being provided by Mercedes-Benz, and billionaire Bruce Wayne will drive a Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo. The car was first featured in the 2013 video game Gran Turismo 6 and the car being featured in the film will be the first fully functional model, made 10% bigger to fit 6"4 sizes Ben Affleck into it. The actor described the car as "pretty awesome", which pretty much sums it all up!

The Mercedes-AMG will be the first fully functioning model!

"You should see my other ride"...

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