- Flames to the face are one sure "fire" way to wake someone up from a deep sleep.


1y ago


Some people dream of being woken up by the sound of a legitimate race tuned Ferrari 458 GT Challenge car, but rest assured, it's not always as fun as it sounds.

Team members at Las Vegas Dream Racing (Doron, Andrew, Steve and Corey) position the $300,000 race bred machine into position to be the perfect alarm clock

Mark had arrived from Australia following a 20 hour flight, then a 5 hour drive to Las Vegas from LA the day prior. With nearly no sleep, he and the boys from Motive DVD decided what better way to spend their first day in Vegas, but racing a bunch of various supercars around the 1.2 mile race track in Nevada.

A selection of just some of the vehicles available at Dream Racing.

With the sun going down, and energy levels at an all time low, Mark made the mistake of taking a nap on the lounges nearby the track, where even the sounds of GT3 cars and F22 Raptors was barely enough to make him stir.

With the sun dipping down towards the horizon, it was time to nap.

This is where the fun began (for some), and the hearing loss began for Mark. The boys quietly pushed the Ferrari 458 GT race car within 2 feet of the slumbering team mate, started her up and a succession of revs resulted in the fire breathing beast singing the hairs on Mark's right hand.. Now THAT'S what I call an alarm clock!

It seems that one of the guys (Doron), didn't think the wake up call was enough and decided to throw some ice cold water in Mark's face for that extra touch 😂😂.

Who needs enemies with friends like this :)

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