Brutal Sounding BMW E30 Drift Monster with an M5 V8 "Heart"

Coming from Cyprus, it´s one the wildest BMW E30 units we´ve ever seen tackling an Hillclimb

Something a little different today as we bring not exactly a Hillclimb Racer to beat the clock but one to entertain the masses. Still, it´s a Legend in its own right in Cyprus where it usually opens up every Hillclimb Event of the Local National Championship by throwing some major slides while sounding as awesome as a 470Hp/8.600Rpm V8 sounds...And then some...

It is very interesting machine , as this widebodied, bewinged BMW E30 is powered by a Naturally Aspirated V8 from an M5 E39 and lightened to a very impressive 950Kg. From there it is up to Pambos Charalambous, the driver, to deliver the most spectacular performance possible. And as you can watch on the video, that´s exactly what happens. Every Single Time...

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