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Photographer: Marcus Hoffmann -|- Model: Alina Preiss -|- Stylist: Anastasia Sedlick

Italy, Lake Iseo. Our production team contains a photographer (c’est moi), a fashion model, a stylist, a hair and make-up artist and a Julia (who basically does everything but the tasks we got people with skill for… so you might call her a line-producer). Getting there was done by the star-car Porsche 718 Boxster S and a BMW 5 series touring.

Since I’m an idiot, I insisted on the first day, that the team should experience themselves what’s special about driving a Porsche. For some it was the first time driving an automatic, so I had to introduce them to the concept of using just one leg (being young and growing up in Europe this happens quite often). And also initially: talk down fears of crashing a sporty yellow car. A few minutes into this process: talk down my own (freshly developed) fears, of them crashing a sporty yellow car.

It’s comical to remember, that Julia’s and Anastasia’s initial comments were “please don’t stress me to drive faster”, “don’t be a typical overcriticizing man riding shotgun”, “don’t expect me to perform any overtaking – I’ve got traumatic experiences”. Said women didn’t just kept on battling the whole time afterwards for the driver’s seat of the Boxster - but poked that lovely Porsche quite a lot. It took them both no more than one minute – or four bends – to throw away any hesitation. I still can’t believe, what sort of creatures I twisted. Hearing the 718 Boxster S changing gears up twice in an historic bendy cut-stone-tunnel (not much wider than the car itself) still haunts my dreams. Thundering past a giant tanker truck in a S-chicane made me doubt my concept of “let the team experience, what this story is all about”. Almost never being able again to drive the Porsche myself was the nail in the coffin for my ambitions of spreading the joy of sports car driving. At least if the process consists lending anyone my toys… ehm… precision driving tools.

Being able to work on a fashion story in this part of the world – with a highly-motivated team and serious equipment took a bit of preparation. Actually: It took a lot of preparation. It couldn’t have been done without the support of those few people who could see potential. People who could imagine the output I wanted to achieve. This was actually the first DRIVETRIBE project I’ve done. Much likely: one of the first productions in general which was done explicitly for DRIVETRIBE. So, this was new for everyone – to a degree of “how is DRIVETRIBE going to look like?”. Btw. this was an unfortunate question, since even I had (at this early point) no idea, but only a small piece of text - a mission statement – to work with. Obviously, this made it a bit tricky, not only to get a skilful team, but also support from automotive and fashion companies. Initially there was just one single company which recognized the high potential immediately when I pitched it to them: PORSCHE. Far before the Hype Train got rolling and months before other car makers even began to start a dialogue, PORSCHE had already backed this production. Which helped to win over not only talent, but also sceptical fashion brands. If you were ever wondering – I can now confirm first-hand that the people in Stuttgart are true visionaries, eager to work on good ideas and fresh concepts.

Getting the shot: 1. Dress Model. 2. Scout location with Julia 3. Position the car while the team takes an Instagram-brake. 4.Final Touch. 5. Shoot!

Me: "I've got someone's shadow in the frame" Team: "Is this better?"

The finished photo story:

not a PORSCHE - but very cliché

not a PORSCHE - but very cliché

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