Bubba Wallace's car pushed to the front after noose reportedly found in garage

The driver was moved to tears after the solidarity from the rest of the sport

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Bubba Wallace, the only African-American driver currently in the NASCAR Cup Series, has advocated for change in the series. His efforts got NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag from display at the tracks. Unfortunately, apparently in reaction to his calls to bring racism out of the sport, a noose was allegedly found in Wallace's Richard Petty Racing garage.

NASCAR promised to "everything we can to identify the person(s) responsible and eliminate them from the sport" adding that there is "no place for racism in NASCAR." Before the Talladega Cup race, the sport showed how much everyone in it stood by that.

The sport stood behind its driver and has continued to bring NASCAR forward and better for everyone. It's a difficult situation for everyone in the sport, but the reaction showed the unity. Wallace said that he has been "overwhelmed by the support from people across the NASCAR industry, including other drivers and team members in the garage," adding that "together, our sport has made a commitment to driving real change and championing a community that is accepting and welcoming of everyone."

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Comments (12)

  • It was a garage door pull rope that had been there for over a year. Nice hoax.

      12 days ago
    • That's true, it has turned out to be. It was still a very admirable action by the NASCAR community to support one of its members from something that seemed genuine.

        12 days ago
    • He is still trying to claim it's a noose

        12 days ago
  • Very kind, even if it wasn’t really a noose.

      12 days ago
  • its a rope to close the garage door

      9 days ago
  • One more reason that I wait until facts are collected before forming an opinion. Camera footage obtained by the FBI indicated that the looped garage door pull rope had been in that garage since at least Nov 2019.

      12 days ago