Buckle up, flying cars could become a reality soon but for a surprising reason

Australian company Alauda Aeronautics believes motorsport is the best way to make flying cars a reality.

6d ago

As the automotive industry transitions into an electrified future, most people are focusing on how to make cars more environmentally friendly; leaving the topic of flying cars rather unspoken of. Recently however, Australian company Alauda Aeronautics has said that the motorsport is the best way to make flying cars a reality.

Using Formula One’s contribution to hybrid technology as an example, Alauda’s technical team believes motorsport is the perfect way to expedite the process of making flying cars a reality.

Alauda has now built a remotely piloted racecraft which is helping to “prove the flight stability of the world’s only racing octocopters in close proximity at significant speed and with the application of aggressive turning angles."

Though for some this is all rather promising, others feel as if it will require far more than an idea from a small aeronautics company to make flying cars a reality.

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Comments (11)

  • Had a quick read of their website and with a presumed 100kw tesla battery they are aiming for 10 mins of flying time…..key word is ‘aiming’.

    The huge advantage of being in a normal car ICE/EV is that you are on the ground and you have brakes. Imagine getting on the air and aiming for 10 minutes, there’s only one way and that’s down.

    Im not getting into anything like this as it’s essentially a drone with a seat, racing one is therefore like the ‘drone racing league’ and they end up in pieces when they crash. Im note sure battery tech is ready for the aviation industry just yet.

      6 days ago
  • one good reasons flying cars will not exist: an engine that flys is a plane

      5 days ago
  • Flying cars are actually called AIRPLANES

      5 days ago
  • I wanna use mine to cut my lawn

      5 days ago
  • By flying car, do they just mean mini aeroplane?

      5 days ago