Buckle up for nostalgia, there's a new 'Bumblebee' trailer

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So as to not deviate from formula too much this one shot contains fifty smaller General Motors ads. (image: Paramount Pictures)


By Christmas this year we're getting another Transformers movie, although this one's a little different.

Bumblebee is the first spin-off movie set in the same universe, because everything needs to be a cinematic universe now and if your feature film isn't also a trailer for another feature film then what the hell are you even doing, you hack.

Anyway. A brand new trailer for Bumblebee dropped today and the nostalgia is strong in this one, with the whole trailer looking like a mash-up of E.T., The Iron Giant, Stranger Things and the original gen-one cartoon series.

The trailer gives us a better look at Bumblebee's original form based on the animated series, a cute little VW Beetle. It's nice to see Bee in his original form, not that Camaro Bumblebee wasn't cool, but it’s nice to see your favourite 'bots in a vehicle form with a bit more personality, rather than just existing as a longform car ad.

Other highlights include more Autobot on Decepticon action and cameos from a VERY '80s looking Optimus Prime and Soundwave. They've even got Soundwave in his original tape deck form! Which, I mean if he's on Cybertron at that point it doesn't make a lot of sense as to why he'd be in tape deck form and... well now I'm thinking about this too much.

It looks pretty cartoon-y, and I'm SO okay with that. (image: Paramount Pictures)

Either way, you should check the trailer out, even if it's just to see a Beetle in a punch-up with a fighter jet.

Bumblebee hits Australian theatres on the 20th December 2018.

Do you prefer Bumblebee in his Beetle form or are you wrong? Fight me in the comments below.

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Comments (9)
  • Shame VW didn't get on board sooner; maybe VW would've sold more Bugs and decided to persevere with them.

    4 days ago
  • Noooooo. Not a Beatle.......i will not watch this nonsense

    6 days ago
  • Even if it looks cool, i don't understand the G1 design in the movieverse (but perhaps there will be an explanation in the movie). Well, anyway...the two triple changers in the trailers look absolutely badass.

    8 days ago
  • I'm not a big fan of the Beetle, yet you're dead right about this version of Bumblebee having more character in car form. Hopefully the Beetle can finally rid itself of the twee "Herbie" nonsense, too.

    Also, if he gets taken down, we can always make a beach buggy out of the bits :-P

    8 days ago
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  • Can’t wait for this😂!

    8 days ago


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