Budapest bamako rally

Aki Asger posted in Rally

2y ago


"From 2016 the world’s largest amateur rally becomes a biannual event. Every other year we’ll return to West Africa. During the in between years the adventure continues in another part of the world. In 2017 join us on a 4000km epic road trip on Mexico’s Baja peninusla. In 2018 experience one of the last epic adventures on Earth as you drive across 2 continents and 8 countries to Bamako. After 11 years in Africa we were itching to go somewhere else. So we decided to the keep the madness alive in Africa, but only every other year. During the intermediate years the Budapest-Bamako spirit would be transplanted to another part of the planet. In 2017 the off-road mayhem continues on the Baja peninsula of Mexico with a 4000 km epic rally raid and road trip. "

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