buddy Alcorn's 1950 mercury custom

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Buddy Alcorn's 1950 Mercury custom was originally restyled by the Ayala Brothers for an unknown owner in the early 1950s. Buddy Alcorn of Dominguez, California bought the car in 1955. Buddy, who was in his 20s, wanted to restyle the car further, so he took it to Barris Kustoms for a cosmetic makeover. Last week we received an email from Bill Farley. Bill grew up in Dominguez, California. Dominguez was not a large community at the time, and the gearheads in town knew each other. One of the coolest cars in town belonged to Buddy Alcorn. I'll let Bill take over here: "We lived in the small community called "Dominguez" that is now Carson. Buddy was basically a milkman. A very hip milkman. I was in high school when Buddy bought the car. Buddy was in his 20s. He was a few years older than me, and I rode in the Merc a few times. It was nice. All custom knobs inside were made of laminated and polished plexiglas. Both doors had microswitches installed. Buddy had his engine worked on by Walt Richter, who later retired and was a chief mechanic on Guy Lombardos Class O hydroplane." Another tiny piece in the big custom puzzle.

A photo showing Buddy, and a girl we believe is his sister Donna. Photo from the Junior Conway Collection.

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