- new foodtribe.com website still in development

Bug fixes, enhancements, upcoming features and foodtribe.com

It's been an awful long time since I last posted in this tribe but the tech team and I have been extremely busy over the last few months.

You will have noticed small aesthetic changes to DriveTribe.com and DriveTribe App as we've removed some features, for example, Roast My Ride. But under the hood the backend, frontend and mobile team had stopped adding new features and instead focused on fixing bugs and making the site more stable.

Simpler version of Studio...

There's a small, new addition to creating posts from your profile:

Quickly upload a YouTube video from your profile page

You can now quickly and easily write a small post about the YouTube video you want to embed with just a headline, a summary and the link to the video. As of now, the simple quick post and YouTube video post is available to use without Studio.

But in the future expect to see me move more of the different post types away from Studio and to your user profile.

More Quiz Types???

Quizzes, who doesn't enjoy a quiz here and there? In fact, I've seen some of the most creative quizzes created here on DriveTribe.com despite the fact we only offer 3 different types: trivia, personality and poll type quizzes. However, this is what we've got in the pipeline:

As you can see in the designs above we will be adding more quiz types (battle, reveal, enhancing trivia, to name a few) to the mix in the near future so keep an eye out for them!


Food, glorious fooooooooood. Yes, you can probably see why I've been kept quiet and away from my tribe for so long with so much in the development pipeline. DriveTribe Engineering has been extremely busy on so many things and one of them is the new foodtribe.com.

I personally like my steak cooked to medium!

Besides cars, food is the next most discussed topic here in the DriveTribe office. So why not use our existing infrastructure to build a social media website but specifically about food? Well... we have! It is still in active development, you will still see a lot of chopping and changing as we haven't officially launched our new product to the wider public. But you lucky guys get first access to it. Enjoy and share pictures of your food so that I can salivate whilst I'm still developing foodtribe.com.

New Love food? Try foodtribe.