Bugatti Bolide voted as most beautiful hypercar of 2020

Unveiled in October of last year, the Bugatti Bolide has just been voted as the msot beautiful car of 2020.

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

2​021 marks the 36th year in which the Festival Automobile International have awarded numerous automotive manufacturers for their latest achievements in design. This year, there were a total of 15 different categories. One of these 15 categories was reserved exclusively for hypercars and it was none other than the Bugatti Bolide which was crowned as the winner.

The Festival Automobile International is one of the biggest award ceremonies in the automotive world. Not only do the FAI choose to award beautiful design, they also choose to award some of the more unique concepts along with the brains behind these marvels of engineering.

“We are extraordinarily proud that the Festival Automobile International judges were as enthusiastic about the design of the Bugatti Bolide as Bugatti fans all around the world. The experiment to demonstrate the brute force of our W16 engine in a lightweight and high-performance car has resulted in a driving experience akin to riding on a cannonball. My thanks goes to the entire Bugatti team, who have once again demonstrated with this incredible car the full extent of their creativity and technological expertise.” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

When it was unveiled in October of last year, the Bugatti Bolide redefined the word ‘speed’ and it did so in incredible fashion. In order to achieve the performance figures they wished to achieve, Bugatti were forced to adopt several new techniques during the design process. For example, the components of the car are 3D printed and, internally, they mimic the structure of a bone with hollow insides and fine, thin walls. Due to its striking and flamboyant exterior tied together with its unorthodox design process, it is no surprise to see the Bolide with such an award under its belt.

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Comments (8)

  • I'd have voted Valkyrie....

      1 month ago
  • X wing

      1 month ago
  • Bugatti Bolide: if a Baki the Grappler character became a car (also applies to the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro).

      1 month ago
  • It’s hideous

      1 month ago
  • How can I say this... It's not an ugly car, but it's not naturally beautiful, it's "functional beautiful", like a McLaren Senna would be. It prioritizes function over form, which is a brilliant idea for a track only car, but that definitely doesn't make it beautiful.

      1 month ago