Bugatti Chiron Crash

$2.5Million Bugatti Chiron CRASHED

3y ago


The $2.5Million Bugatti Chiron was found nose down in a ditch yesterday at a Volkswagen test facility in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Bugatti have also confirmed this incident which that have put it down to an "inattentive" test driver. "The driver was unfortunately a little inattentive, which is why the car landed in the road ditch. Fortunately nobody was hurt. "

Its clear from the poor photo that the front end of the hypercar is quite badly damaged and who knows what other damage there is to the car under the cover which is trying to hide the rest of the Chiron's modesty.

The sight of a Tractor pulling such a piece of art is also quite peculiar to see. The photo from the Facebook page came online yesterday and it didnt take long for such news to be circled round social media.

Its not been made clear yet what actually caused the crash or how fast the driver was going. But i guess with Bugatti's carefully chosen words of Inattentive is probably a polite way of saying driving like an idiot!

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  • Perhaps it's one of the future Grand Tour episodes that has ended badly.

      3 years ago