Bugatti Chiron Sport

The art of nurturing anticipation

The question is quite obvious. Why Sport? What was wrong with the 1,500 PS Bugatti Chiron, presented two years ago at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show? Not a thing. However, at this level of investment, one expects improvement to be an ever-flowing process and people at Bugatti know how to keep their clients in anticipation.

In general terms, the French luxury brand is offering significantly improved handling capabilities and unparalleled agility, without any alterations to the “powerplant” and its output. Bugatti has developed a dynamic handling package and reduced the weight of the car by about 18 kilograms. As a result, the Chiron Sport reaches higher cornering speeds and can lap the Nardò handling circuit five seconds faster than the Chiron.

The main differences between the appearance of the Chiron Sport and the standard version are a new wheel design and new four-pipe exhaust deflector.

The basic price of the Bugatti Chiron Sport is €2.65m. A base price of US$3.26m including transport, customs duties, taxes and fees has been set for the US market. In addition, there is an optional colour and trim package allowing customers to individually tailor the sporty appearance of their Chiron Sport. The first vehicles are planned for delivery to customers at the end of 2018. Continue reading here

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  • Excellent read Dimitris. I really liked the line "one expects improvement to be an ever-flowing process'. Must be nice!

      1 year ago