While I was still collecting myself after my freakout at all the NSX's at the June Cars and Coffee Marin, I caught a glimpse of something "different" driving in. As you can expect, I took a lot of pictures, so be prepared.

While Cars and Coffee Marin is home to such great classics and rare cars such as a Bugatti Type 57, Ferrari 330, Alpina V8, and much much more, it is still shocking to see one of these lovely beasts roll in. While I have been striving to see a Bugatti Chiron, I was completely taken by surprise my first Chiron spot would come so soon, and a week before my University graduation as well!

As I was one of the first to notice this car roll in, I was able to take these few shots of it rolling into the car park before it was surrounded by a swarm of people. That lovely arch/curve on the side very fittingly resembles a giant "C" for Chiron.

Now that the Chiron is parked, it is time for me to battle through the gallery to get some close up shots of this wonderful car. The front of this car has a good bored expression, as if all the other cars and us plebs around it are not worthy of its presence. The Bugatti logo also has a very vintage feel on it despite this being one of the most technologically advanced cars ever.

As some of you may know, I am also a connoisseur of car lights, as I am the tribe leader of (gratuitous plug incoming)


where you can take quizzes and post pictures of car lights! Anyway, back to the light. The Chiron's front lights are quite simple with those four LEDs. However, the shape of the light is also functional as an intake to channel air. Although I do not have a video of it, the way the light turns on and off is one of the coolest I have seen, where it goes through a sequence.

Aside from the chrome, the wheels on the Chiron are quite discreet and not as flamboyant as I had expected.

Level of detail expected from a car costing $2,700,000 with a $200,000 deposit/down payment.

Such beautiful lines and curves.

Here we can see the lovely interior of the Chiron. As you can see, those classic Bugatti curves are also incorporated into the interior.

Luckily for me, I got permission to sit inside and take pictures. This is probably the only time I can see this nice view...

Of course I need the gratuitous selfie. Please excuse my unkempt hair. I have yet to cut it for graduation, and it was early in the morning.

According to Bugatti, the reason why the center console is so simple is because Bugatti wants the car to be timeless. Any screen now will look old fashioned in 10 years time, so Bugatti decided to just use these simple, yet functional mechanical knobs.

Now let us move on to the back. First we have the Ettore Bugatti logo looking incredibly beautiful on the carbon fibre body.

Please excuse the bad photo

Please excuse the bad photo

Now that we are at the back, let us take a look at this monstrous quad turbocharged W16 engine. Producing close to 1,500bhp, the Chiron is over 200bhp more powerful than the Veyron Supersport and has a limited top speed of 261mph, as any speeds close to its true top speed will destroy the tires.

The rear lights on the Chiron is just so elegant and detailed that the light nerd inside had to go to the bathroom to clean itself. The amount of detail in this light is just amazing.

The single bar across this lovely butt is also incredibly beautiful. Weirdly, it gives me Porsche 918 Spyder vibes. The Chiron's rear end is definitely a huge step up from the Veyron.

Afterwards, I decided to go take a look at the rest of the cars in the lot, and to wait for the crowd around the Chiron to die down.

Eventually it did die down and I began taking more pictures. What makes this car even better is that the owner regularly tracks this Chiron with the other Chiron owners in the Bay Area.

What an incredible car. Since I took many more photos, I will put the rest that did not make this highlight reel down below.

That concludes my spot of this incredible and wonderfully mad Bug. Comment your thoughts below, and as always, thank you for reading!

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