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Owning a bugatti is like taking Angelina Jolie on a date

Bugatti Chiron

Lets start this review by telling you how much I love the Chiron and if I could trade in one of my kids for the car, the exchange would happen so fast there would no time for goodbyes you’d just hear tires screeching with a getaway fit for any bank robbery. But before we get into the Chiron we must quickly take a look at the enormous boots not only the Chiron needed to fill, but exceed and that was the Bugatti Veyron the Chirons older brother.

Owning a Veyron is like taking Angelina Jolie on a date

What now feels like a million years ago Bugatti created the Veyron, a 1200HP monster with not one V8 engine but two V8 engines strapped together to create the worlds first W-16 engine that allowed it to achieve and hold the world top speed record for many years. The Veyron was so technically brilliant in many ways that all the other Supercar manufacturers were then playing catch-up. Not only did Bugatti create a machine that was both elegantly styled it also had that menacing feel about it. Owning a Veyron is like taking Angelina Jolie on a date, she could stun people in the restaurant but as soon as the bedroom room door was closed and the top speed key inserted, you knew the next 12 minutes were about to blow your mind. In case you’re wondering the 12 minutes is how long it took the Veyron to empty the fuel tank at top speed

Bugatti not only created the worlds fastest car at that time with the Veyron but they also created the world’s most expensive car too at $1.6M USD. At that time no other manufacturer dare touch that price bracket for a production vehicle and rumors were that the VW group who owns Bugatti lost $6m for every car they sold, suggesting that the Veyron was really about showing the world they had the largest genitals. Point taken VW and we absolutely applaud you for this, but that also meant that the VW group would probably not be too eager to spend that sort of doh again once all 450 Veyrons had been sold, and who could blame them.

I’d rather go to a Donald Trump convention

Fast forwarding a few years after the Veyron, some other manufacturers decided to have a stab at creating hypercars too. The Porsche 918, P1 McLaren and LaFerrari were those manufacturers attempts to break into the Hypercar market and all but the Porsche were over $1m too. Interestingly however, those guys all decided to use a hybrid drive system where batteries were used to fill in all those torque gaps and allow for extremely fast off the line times. Personally I am not a fan of Electric cars and even though these are hybrids it just feels like were another step closer to doing away with the internal combustion engine completely, and for gear heads like me I’d rather go to a Donald Trump convention before driving an electric Hypercar. But these 3 manufactures seemed adamant it was the only way to get the sort of power and acceleration needed to beat the Bugatti Veyron and they we’re right

Good job my doomsday device didn’t work after all

When I heard of the sad news I frantically ran around the house gathering up every AA battery I could find and got back to creating my doomsday device, but then in Nov 2015 I got a call from Bugatti Vancouver who invited me to LA to go and see the new Veyron replacement who’s name at that time was not even public knowledge just rumors. I reluctantly agreed so long as there were no batteries involved, and so in a private bunker somewhere in LA I was forced to sign a waver, thoroughly patted down, phone confiscated, and with my blindfold removed, I was presented with the most magnificent machine I had ever seen.

The Chiron I am pleased to announce has no hybrid drive system, Bugatti claim they don’t need electricity to go faster, they just need their bullet proof W-sixteen engine with 4 huge Turbo’s to create a whopping 1500HP so take that!. And boy I could not of been happier – good job my doomsday device didn’t work after all. But the Chiron is not cheap either, priced at about $2.8m USD you could buy a LaFerrari and P1 if you were even invited to buy a Lafferari of course

Like the Veyron, the carbon fiber Chiron is powered by an 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged 16-cylinder engine, but it puts out nearly 1,500 horsepower. No mass-produced production car has ever come close. Twin fuel injectors for each cylinder help feed the beast, which breathes through six catalytic converters
Bugatti says the Chiron will be limited to 260 mph for road travel, but that it is also “ready for a new world speed record.” The Veyron was similarly restricted to 258 mph for use on the street, so this suggests plans for a record run with the Angelina Jolie mode activated
Acceleration is touted to be similarly impressive, with a 2.2-second 0-60 mph time and a 0-186 mph time in “under 13.6 sec.,” which is a significant figure, because it would beat the Hennessey Venom GT’s Guinness World Record of 13.63 sec.

The Chiron shares a clear family resemblance with the Veyron, but adopts a few styling cues that hearken back to the classic Type 57, including its small central fin and semicircular side panels, here doubling as air intakes.
Bugatti plans to build 500 Chirons, and you’d better hurry if you want one, half have already been accounted for. And this time Bugatti did learn from a few of their Veyron mistakes, so a service no longer cost $40k they are included in the price of the car and they also claim the car will turn a profit for the VW group which is probably the only way the board would approve the project to begin with. In

The Chiron was recently displayed for the first time in Canada at the Luxury Supercar Show in Vancouver Sep 9-10th 2016 where the car certainly won the crowds over, those buckets around the stage filled with drool is no better sign. Bugatti have once again created a masterpiece that will have other manufacturers trying to catch-up. Either way this car is great news for all car enthusiasts because it will push everyone to up their game, and that is never a bad thing in this business.

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