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A Type 57S Atlante or 3 Bugatti Chirons?

39w ago

Bugatti has had a long an illustrious history. Then it went bankrupt. Then it made the EB110. Then it went bankrupt. Then it made the Veyron and Chiron. It currently has no plans to go bankrupt.

And the Type 57 SC Atlantic is an example of one of its illustrious historical models. 3.2 litres, 8 Cylinders, a jolly good top speed of 95mph and 135 horses behind the horseshoe. This is no other than the car that inspired the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, an 11 million £ masterpiece.

So, by comparison, the £7 million original is a bargain. Teenagers, look out! This could be a sick new car if you slammed it and put a misfitting Corsa bodykit and wing on it!

And here's the car...

Gooding and Company

Gooding and Company

You would think that if you were selling a 7 million pound car you could find the time to photograph it somewhere else, rather than a leaf strewn wet carpark. Ehh. You can't get more British than that!

This particular example is from 1937, and has been passed down many owners. In the early 1940s, it's current owner fitted a supercharger to the Bugatti Type 57 S Atlante, upping power from 135bhp to 220, which it runs through a 4 speed manual transmission. All in all, pretty sweet. And you can't forget about the 5 exhausts!

Or something else all together! (We can't miss out an opportunity to list our dream garage) Put it in the comments! And thanks for reading...

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Comments (4)

  • Type 57

      9 months ago
  • Type 57, of course. I also commented earlier that Bugatti would have done better had they revived on of their great cars like Type 35 or this one and just gently improve them, a la Morgan. Why they took the path they took is beyond me.

      9 months ago
  • Type 57 is on my "guess the right 7 numbers on a Tuesday or Friday" list. Has been for years.

      8 months ago