- Source: Bugatti media

Bugatti Divo is here, and we don't know what to feel about it...

The Chiron gets a Lambo style make over, it becomes slightly later, slightly more aerodynamic, and a lot slower.

2y ago

It's faster and slower at the same time.

The new car comes with a 236 mph sped limiter compared to the 261 mph on the Chiron, however thanks to stiffer chassis, tweaked suspension, increased camber 35kg diet and 90kg downforce it's whole 8 seconds quicker than the Chiron around the Nardo test track.

Source: Bugatti media

Source: Bugatti media

So it's slower and faster at the same time. While the 8 second time saving over the Chiron is impressive, it still weights over 1900kg, making it one of.... actually still the heaviest hypercar out there. And since we don't really know how the Chiron itself compares to other hypercars in regards of lap times, the 8 seconds time saving doesn't really mean much in regards to other cars..

Source: Bugatti media

Source: Bugatti media

You see while the monstrous top speed of 261mph and total luxury of the Chiron is an impressive feat, the handling oriented Divo seems fall a little short, as it's still a really, really heavy , and the 8seconds does not mean much since we don't know how the Chiron compares to other cars in the 'Segment' of super expensive hypercars, and until Bugatti takes this one to some place like the Nurburgring (which they don't plan to) it's really unclear how it squares up with the rest.

The Styling.

Source: Bugatti media

Source: Bugatti media

It's mad, its more than that actually, compared to the very contemporary and somewhat conservative styling of other Bugattis this one is absolutely savage looking, and if not for the iconic horse-shoe grill with the Bugatti badge it could be mistaken for a Lamborghini concept car, but no it's a real production ready car and we love it !

The 3D printed LED tail lights are particular eye catchers

All of this crazy styling is fully functional of course, all of the ducts and inlets help to cool the the brakes and power train.

While the new roof design helps to channel the air to the massive rear wing which is certainly responsible for the increase in downforce. Oh and it looks mega.

The interior is less luxury and more race track, although still very much a Bugatti just now it means class, luxury refinement and alcantara a lot of alcantara.

It all doesn't matter, whats so ever.

At the end the unknown performance, £4.5M price tag (which goes to somewhere over 7 million when you factor in the cost of a Chiron which you need to own to even qualify to buy the DIvo), really does not matter because its all sold out already. Given it's price tag and core clientele means the car will spend more time inside a super rich garage than on the track.

All in all we are glad it exists, and are eager to hear your opinion.

At the end of the days it's another mad project from Bugatti who went 'what if' and actually went on to create another completely insane car that's at least meant to 'move' the boundaries of current performance. So let us know what you think down below !

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Comments (5)

  • Waste of money. Better off buying a road legal P1 GTR

      2 years ago
    • I doubt anyone who can afford it sees many things as a waste of money, at this kind of price point I doubt many people care. It's more of a disappointment for the automotive world and fans, the only thing that made Bugatti relevant was the fact...

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        2 years ago
    • True. Before launch, everyone was expecting the Divo to be faster than the regular Chiron

        2 years ago

    nothing, since 99,99999% of the world population will not even see it in person let alone drive it. absolutely irrelevant car

      2 years ago