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A Bugatti and a Jaaaaaaaaaaaaagggg...

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Welcome to the new series Car Wars, this series will focus on the rivalry's between cars throughout history! We will be looking at the legendary Bugatti EB110 and the stunning Jaguar XJ220 today! The game changers that ruled and dominated the '90s! Car manufacturers, company's, and different car brands have battled throughout history from the beginning of time! Now, we are going to dive deep into the car competition world and get the Car Wars started!

Bugatti EB110

Bugatti EB110 SS

Bugatti EB110 SS

The Bugatti EB110 just might be the peak of the 1990s supercars. It is so important as a significant piece of history with tech that could never be duplicated. The Bugatti EB110 is one of the most underrated, but one of the most revolutionary cars in the world! In every sense, this was a hypercar from the early ’90s, only the word “hypercar” hadn’t been invented yet. One of the most reliable engines, they did it way before anyone else even thought of doing this with cars. “When we decided to start the Bugatti rebirth, we posed a problem: we had to imagine how a Bugatti car could have been if its evolution continued. In fact, Bugatti's have always been innovative in its field, so we too tried to make this car more advanced than the others, and we totally did,” Romano Artioli said, with not an ounce of doubt. They built almost everything from scratch, they didn't use any other manufactures products. This is what makes this car so special, yes it takes time for the FOUR turbos to cook up, but when they are done cooking up... it is one hell of a beast, and it sounds absolute brutal and amazing too. Bankruptcy is what caused an end to this beautiful era. We will always remember this super car legend.

Engine type Quad-Turbo V12, 60v

Displacement 3.5 l (214 ci)

Power 612 ps (603 bhp / 450 kw) @ 8250 rpm

Torque 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) @ 4200 rpm

Power / liter 175 ps (172 hp)

Power / weight 413 ps (408 bhp) / t

Torque / weight 439 Nm (324 lb-ft) / t

Transmission 6-Speed Manual

Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive

Bugatti EB110

Bugatti EB110

Bugatti EB11O

Jaguar XJ220



This car needs no introduction. The beautiful XJ220 was also a huge game changer in the 90s, one the most beautiful cars in the world. Not only eye candy, it was one of the fastest cars in the world, with a top speed of 217 mph. This car preformed like no other. The car designed by Richard Owen was a nod to the gorgeous XK120 of the late ’40s, which also topped out at 120 mph (amazing for its time), Jaguar set out to make its ’90s supercar capable of a 220 mph top speed. Which it did not. It was originally meant to be powered by a V12, but it only had a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. A disappointing result, but its still an amazing car, and it's brutal sound can not be taken away! This car is a legend, it will never be forgotten, what an extraordinary car!

Engine: 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6

Horsepower: 540

Top Speed: 217 mph

Jaguar XJ22

Jaguar XJ22

Jaguar xj22o

Why are we comparing these cars?

Both of these cars have left a mark in history, not only in the '90s but in every generation, they are so revolutionary, so, so beautiful. These cars are legends, they will always be legends. they went head to head, trading punches. The Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest car in the world at a top speed of 217 mph, until the Bugatti came along. These cars have been battling it out since the beginning, day after day, changing the car world along with it. Nothing can live up to these two cars, they changed the game for all super cars. No matter how much they battled it out on the track and in numbers, these cars will never be forgotten.

Words that describe the Bugatti EB110 and the Jaguar XJ220







Thank you for reading Season 1, Episode 1 of Car Wars! Tell me how you feel in the comments below!

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Comments (29)

  • Bugatti, solely because it had a better engine configuration. Disappointing when the jag turned up with a 6-cyl engine.

      9 months ago
    • yup i agree, the bugatti’s engine was more reliable!

        9 months ago
    • Both looked fantastic and I had posters for the bedroom wall for both when I was kid.

        9 months ago
  • XJ220 but it should have gotten the V12

      9 months ago
    • Agree! I was disappointed that it was a V6, i really wanted to see its potential with the V12!

        9 months ago
  • Bugatti please!! Great read....🙂

      9 months ago
  • Yeah, I can speed. Because I have a Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag...

      6 months ago
  • The jag for me because in my country. Not too many safe places a v12 is useful

      8 months ago